AIA NZ sponsors mental health research on financial advisors

AIA New Zealand sponsors an independent research project called “NZ Adviser Wellbeing Research” to better understand the mental health of domestic financial advisors.

In particular, this project will investigate the attitudes, behaviors and attitudes of financial advisers with positive well-being and see how they can deal with significant market turmoil.

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“We aim to carry out a” temperature check “on how our advisors are progressing here in New Zealand. We know that there have been many changes lately. The study seeks to understand the key challenges financial advisors have experienced locally, especially in light of tighter regulation, operations in global epidemics, and changing client needs, “said Sam Tremethick. .. , AIANZ Chief Partnership Insurance Officer.

Working with AIA NZ are Sydney-based researchers Dr. Adam Fraser and Dr. John Molinault, who embarked on a similar project in late 2020. 61% were sleep deprived due to stress.

Tremethick hopes that this research will be widely shared and will benefit a wider range of industries.

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NZ Adviser Wellbeing Research is open to all financial advisors until October 10th, regardless of the insurance market. To encourage participation, Tremetic said he would donate $ 10 to the Mental Health Foundation for all responses received by AIANZ.

“Share your opinion today. These findings will benefit the industry as a whole and provide valuable insights into the current state of mental health for advisors,” said Tremethic.

AIA NZ sponsors mental health research on financial advisors

Source link AIA NZ sponsors mental health research on financial advisors

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