After Prince Andrew’s scandal, it’s time to slim down the monarchy | Simon Jenkins

TThe royal family is working on a desperate damage limit this summer prior to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Duke of York proceedings, The royal humiliation may turn out to be a high octane festival, and there is a risk of contaminating the celebration. This should have nothing to do with the British monarchy, except that it has something to do with it. The essence of the monarchy is that image. Currently, the appearance of the royal family looks messy.

The lifestyles of the Queen’s sons and grandchildren, the Duke of York and the Duke of Sussex, earned Shakespeare’s tragic aura worthy of their title. The Duke of Sussex is not doing anything wrong. There is no Duke of York yet. Prince Harry was only trying to profit from his only marketable asset, the royal family. Prince Andrew You have won an unpleasant friendship using the same assets. One of them opened him up to what he considers to be ridiculous blackmail, which has not yet been tested in court. His desperate hope was that a New York judge would not approve Virginia Robert’s proceedings. But American lawyers don’t volunteer for hunger.

The Queen may not have the power, but she can use the tools of emphasis. Just as the Duke of Sussex was deprived of even the slightest royal status, his uncle was stripped of titles, badges, regiments, charities, and patrons. Like a shameful medieval saint, he is thrown from heaven into the jaws of hell. His mistakes are not right or wrong, and he may still prove to be a victim of terrible injustice, but the embarrassment and shame caused by his mother and family, and the institutions they represent. And the victim of misery.

The monarchy relies on public support, not on voting, on a fragile and intangible foundation of public opinion. It needs to be loved for its dignity, its rituals, and its anniversaries. It must be as pure as snow and beyond criticism. It can be boring and boring. The only thing it can’t do is scandalous – at least all sexually scandalous. Sex has always been a royal taboo. The royal family was about heredity. James II When Edward VIII I learned their cost.

As for Prince Charles, he spent a quarter of a century purifying his image after the year of his own purgatory. He carefully crafted himself to wait for a generous and unblamed middle-aged monarch. As his moment approaches, the last thing he needs is the disgust of his brother’s allegations flashing in headlines around the world. As he found with his second son, he must defend the royal family on its eerie, uncontaminated pedestal.

History has left us with how a country embodies its status as a nation. The strength of the inherited monarchy-perhaps its only strength-is that it takes inheritance beyond discussion. It also indisputs any suggestion that the monarch should exercise political power. When a monarchy gets lost in politics, controversy, or is ashamed, it ceases to embody the country.

It was a fundamental risk taken by the Queen in the 1960s when she decided to move away from other postwar European monarchy practices and present the British monarchy as a “royal family.” They stayed wisely while the Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian and Dutch monarchies retreated to the semi-obscure state of the bourgeois, while the Queen was under the flames of televised propaganda. Was transformed into a family-owned company.

The descendants of the royal family, who were still children at the time, soon became celebrities. A cast list of qualified princes, princesses, duchess, and duchess roamed the entertainment journalists and monarchical magazines. Inevitably they had an accident waiting to happen. It was difficult to see these junior royal families as non-victims as they encountered the danger of life, but the main risk was the monarchy itself. So it proved.

The only best decision that Prince Charles can make in assuming the throne is, very simply, to abolish the royal family. He should go to Scandinavia. Monark never dies at a young age. The throne only needs heirs and reserves. The rest of the family should become ordinary people and lead a normal life. Perhaps carelessly, the process started this week.

After Prince Andrew’s scandal, it’s time to slim down the monarchy | Simon Jenkins

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