Adviser offers digital home loan service

Tella, a New Zealand fintech company, has launched a new mortgage application service.

Wednesday, July 6th 2022, 1:36 PM

and Eric Frykberg

She plans to practice buying a home in a variety of ways.

The chances of getting a home loan are more of a threat than an interest. And it can be very late, ”said Tella co-founder and CEO Andrew Chambers.

“We’ve opened up letters, papers, and visits to the bank, making the application process easier and faster for first -time home buyers, homeowners, and investors.”

The system is designed as a web application and allows Tella’s own consultants to use the system as a link between their clients and banks or banks. Non -financial donor.

“The system is powerful,” Chambers said.

“You are going through the process of answering the question, which is to find out what you need.

“We’re up to the people behind it, but it’s kind of like what the traditional counselor does to address the questions that are asked and shouldn’t be asked. “

Chambers said this will allow people to make financial decisions about their future by developing plans that are right for them.

“Every fintech -powered business is built into their DNA,” says Tella founder Stephane Mathieu.

“But we’re using a way to change the whole experience.”

He said the census process was not open – there were four tips available to help if more information was needed.

Tella said some customers take up to two weeks to complete the application for a home loan but the system can be completed and ready for banks in half an hour.

The company hopes the system will work well for banks and nonprofits as well as homeowners.

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Adviser offers digital home loan service

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