Adele Roberts returns to BBC Radio 1 one month after cancer surgery

DJ was happy to be back on the air (Photo: Twitter / Instagram / adeleroberts)

Adele Roberts first appeared on BBC Radio 1 since she. Surgery to remove the tumor One month ago.

TV and radio star she was in October Diagnosed as intestine cancer Before undergoing surgery, it revealed that “everything happened very quickly.”

She used Instagram to record her first early morning a few weeks after she was preparing to head to the studio for a Saturday morning show.

Start with the most important task of boiling the kettle and drinking tea shortly after 4:30 am. I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Campmates then gladly unveiled a customized stoma bag with the BBC Radio 1 logo that partner Kate made for her.

“You are such a wonderful Katie!” Before admitting, the 42-year-old declared:’I can’t believe it! Return to Radio 1! I can not believe. It’s been about a month since I had the surgery, but I can come back. I think Kate is secretly pleased because she needs to release that energy somewhere. “

While she recorded a new part of the preparation and, with the help of her girlfriend, revealed part of the morning stoma care routine, the DJ shared: So I won’t cry like a big baby on the radio later. But I’m so excited! “

It was an early start on BBC Radio 1 (Photo: Instagram / adeleroberts)
Adele was delighted with the customized stoma bag (Photo: Instagram / adeleroberts)

Adele also shared her photo from the studio on Twitter after 7am and wrote: I missed it very much. Come to the crew on Saturday. “

In favor of her recovery, she wrote:’* ps. It’s definitely today’s “sitting” show xx [sic]’

Friends and colleagues celebrated her return with her, including BBC Radio companion Lylan Clark Neil. He commented:

She celebrated when she returned to the studio (Photo: Instagram / adeleroberts)

Adele had early in her recovery Admitted “feeling a little low” After a tough day on her healing journey.

She shared her feelings on Instagram and posted: After going to the store with Kate, I felt a little depressed.

“I wasn’t as mobile as I used to be, and someone bumped into me and I got angry at my slowness.

“I know everyone is having a hard time, but be careful with each other today. You can’t always keep track of what people are dealing with.”

She added: “Have a great day. Go for a walk to rejuvenate.”

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Adele Roberts returns to BBC Radio 1 one month after cancer surgery

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