Adele Roberts’ cancer has brought her closer to fiancée Kate Holderness

Adele Roberts talks about how her fiancé, actress Kate Holderness, was her rock (Photo: PA)

Adele Roberts has opened up on how her gut is cancers diagnosis has brought her closer to fiancée Kate Holderness.

The 43-year-old BBC Radio 1 DJ revealed in October she was under treatment for the disease, and later had a tumor removed by surgery.

She now uses a stoma bag, which attaches to her abdomen and picks up her feces, and has also undergone chemotherapy while awaiting the results of recent tests.

Speaking about the effect it had on their relationship, Adele – who met Kate in 2004 – revealed: ‘It sounds strange, but it has brought us closer than ever.

‘I’ve always loved Kate, but since my diagnosis I’ve seen a different side of her. She is my advisor, my mentor and the best nurse ever.

‘She helped me when I could barely walk and had to work at Radio 1. She is my absolute hero. ‘

The couple met in 2004 (Photo: James Gourley / ITV / REX)

Kate said during an interview with Hello!: ‘I’ve always been a timid person, but Adele’s illness has unleashed a power in me that I never knew I had.’

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! star received her diagnosis on October 1, 2021 and, reflecting on that day, she said: ‘After a scan, the doctor broke the bad news. My first question was, “Shall I die – and is it my fault?”

‘I felt bad about putting Kate and my family through it, but now I know that getting cancer is nobody’s to blame, and that it will unfortunately happen to one in two of us.’

Kate revealed that she was ‘devastated’ to hear the diagnosis, but held back her tears for fear that Adele would think her partner did not believe she could beat the cancer. Instead, Kate said she ‘went into practical mode’ and took note of everything the doctor said.

Adele recently shared that her devastating cancer diagnosis has helped her ‘appreciate’ her body more, and said she now feels ‘grateful’ that it works.

While treating Women’s Health, Adele added to the magazine, ‘I feel like I love my body more than ever.’

The couple opened their first joint shoot and interview (Photo: PA)

She went on to say that she was trying not to let herself be beaten mentally and she is thankful that ‘they found the tumor in time to remove it’ and ‘modern medicine’ means she may have a stoma – which she Audrey has mentioned.

Adele recently had a scan of which she is still waiting for the results, and is keeping her fingers crossed that it will show that she is cancer free.

Read the full interview in Hello! magazine, now out.

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Adele Roberts' cancer has brought her closer to fiancée Kate Holderness

Source link Adele Roberts' cancer has brought her closer to fiancée Kate Holderness

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