Adele assembles used Celine Dion chewing gum at his home in Los Angeles.

Adele praised Celine Dion’s framed gum (Photo: Vogue / YouTube)

Adele Her most prize possession was revealed to be used chewing gum owned by Celine Dion.

Easy on Me singer, 33, has won countless awards throughout her career. James bond Skyfall Soundtrack-But what she really cares about is the chewing gum in the frame.

And we love her even more for honesty.

Appearing in Vogue’s 73 question segment, the 33-year-old traveled around a stunning home in Los Angeles with her camera. There, I couldn’t help but praise the gift.

Looking closely at the camera, she laughed. ‘My friend, James Corden, who also does Carpool Karaoke I went to … he did it with her and knew how much I was a fan of her.

“So he made her spit out gum on a piece of paper and framed it for me.

That’s definitely an issue … (Photo: Vogue / YouTube)
What will Celine do with the gift? (Photo: WireImage)

“It’s my most proud property!”

Now, who else can really say that they are assembling Celine’s gums and a wad of tissue in their home?

Adele has become the latest and most famous face in the video with the previous participation of Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Zendaya and Kim Kardashian.

However, the Someone Like You singer, who broke up with her ex-husband Simon Koneki in 2019, decided to put her own spin on the agenda.

A friendly queen, she settled on a cup of tea to gain insight into her famous private life, beyond the traditional 73 questions.

At some point in the chat, she was asked about the “greatest risk” she had ever taken and didn’t have to think twice before simply saying “quit her marriage.”

Adele also gave a glimpse of her new emotional music and explained that she was crying “in quite a few” for the next song.

Her new single touches on the breakdown of their marriage, and the other tracks on the next album 30 are set to delve into her broken heart.

We are already hoarding tissue.

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Adele assembles used Celine Dion chewing gum at his home in Los Angeles.

Source link Adele assembles used Celine Dion chewing gum at his home in Los Angeles.

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