Adelaide’s tapioca tea chain faces court for paying staff only $ 10 per hour | Adelaide

Owner Adelaide The tapioca tea chain will face court with allegations that the company has underpaid its employees. Many of them were international students.

A legal document filed by FairWork Ombudsman in federal court on Wednesday claims that Yuxuan Group, who owns three Fun Tea dealers, is a low-wage worker totaling $ 186,895. The company’s board member, Yang Su, also faces allegations of records management and pay slip violations.

The chain’s allegations of underpayment were first published in February. Video of a man slapping a female employee It became viral during the dispute over the alleged unpaid wages. The man, who was later convicted of assault, was not hired by Teaver, not her boss.

According to court documents, the ombudsman claims that 20 workers, including the woman in the video, were paid only $ 10 per hour.

The ombudsman claims that a video woman, then 20 years old, was underpaid for $ 672 in the two weeks of January.

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The Working Women’s Center, which represents young women involved in the assault, declined to comment.

The ombudsman claims that the company also underpays fines for workers on evenings, weekends and holidays. Failed to pay the old-age pension and over time; some employees did not allow them to take a lunch break. And I couldn’t keep a proper record.

Ombudsman Sandra Parker said the problem was “serious”, especially because visa holders are vulnerable to workplace exploitation.

“Every worker in Australia has the same rights, regardless of nationality or visa status,” Parker said.

The instruction hearing will be held in federal court in November.

Jacky Chen, the organizer of the SA Labor Info Hub, said he welcomed the proceedings and encouraged others to move forward.

“Currently, at least 10 people are waiting for help. We are trying to help them take action,” he said. “In this case, there was a lot of video and pressure in this store. What about others?”

In another proceeding in June, Ray “Gavin” Guo, 39, pleaded guilty to slapping the face of a young woman.

Guo was convicted in August, but was released on a two-and-a-half-year bond of good deeds by Justice of the Peace John Feich, who described him as a “good man” whose position in the community had been severely impaired since the incident.

“I’m happy that you’re a good person and you’re unlikely to be offended again,” Fahey said.

“I think you’re a good person, but a good person can do bad things.”

Adelaide’s tapioca tea chain faces court for paying staff only $ 10 per hour | Adelaide

Source link Adelaide’s tapioca tea chain faces court for paying staff only $ 10 per hour | Adelaide

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