Adding juice to your baby’s diet may prepare you for obesity

By Ernie Mundell and Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporters

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Feeding your baby’s fruit juice early in life can increase your sugar intake drink Late childhood and much higher odds obesity When decay, A new study was found on more than 4,000 American mothers.

According to a team led by Edwina Yong of the U.S. National Institute Child health In human development, the introduction of fruit juice before the baby was one year old was associated with increased consumption of other babies from early childhood to mid-term. drink Heavy piled up sugar..

1 child expert nutrition I wasn’t surprised.

“When asked,’When is a good time to introduce juice to children?’ I usually don’t say’never’,” said Pediatric Endocrinology at the Cohen Pediatric Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY. Audrey Colton, a registered dietitian / nutritionist working in the department, said.

Baby And the kids said, “I really don’t need juice. It’s a high concentration. sugar And no fiber“. He was not involved in new research.

American Academy Pediatrics We recommend that you do not introduce 100% fruit juice into the diet of babies older than 12 months.

Still, juice is often given Baby, And to assess its impact on children, Yeung’s team tracked data collected from 4,067 US mothers. The health of female children was tracked from birth to age 7.

A quarter of mothers said they introduced juice to their children before 6 months, 49% between 6 and 12 months and 26% after 12 months. ..

The team found that children who were introduced to juice very early were 50% more likely to drink a lot of juice and 60% more likely to drink a lot of soda as a child. Their daily fluid intake also tended to be lower than that of children who did not drink juice early in infancy.

“In this survey and my client, the word” juice “may mean 100% fruit juice, fruit punch, fruit juice drink, etc.,” said Koltun. Beverage..These other juices are sweetened with sugar, And / or high fructose corn The syrup and some are colored with food coloring. “

She also said, “The more juice and other sweets, the more. Beverage When given to children, they are less likely to want water, saying that water is too rustic and tasteless. “

Yeung’s team agreed that withholding juice during infancy could help parents persuade their children to stick to calorie-free water as they grow older.

According to Yong’s group, mothers who gave juice to younger babies tended to be younger themselves, and black and Hispanic mothers were more likely than white mothers. Providing juice to babies at an early stage was also associated with other factors, such as poor mothers’ education.Higher risk Smoking during pregnancyThe previous mother’s weight is high pregnancyAnd lower income.

Researchers emphasized that their study cannot distinguish between different types of fruit drinks, so future studies will introduce fruit drinks with 100% fruit juice or sugar to infants, which will later become a drink preference. You need to evaluate if there are different impacts.

Dr. Michael Grosso is the chair Pediatrics At Huntington Hospital in Northwell Health, Huntington, NY, he read the findings and pointed out that he could not prove a causal relationship. Other factors may have increased the likelihood that children will drink a lot of sweets. Beverages, not early introduction of juice.

Nonetheless, “doctors who care for children will know that infants drinking juice are at risk of adverse dietary behavior,” Grosso said. These unhealthy eating behaviors “increase the likelihood of dental disease. This is important, but obesity, That’s even more so, “he added.

Overall, “this type of study encourages investment in quality primary care for 36-month-old infants to pay dividends to all Americans to avoid downstream social costs. Continue to do. [which are enormous] And, of course, in nurturing lifelong health, “Grosso said.

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The study was published in the November issue of Journal of nutrition.

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Source: Audrey Koltun, RDN, CDCES, CDN, Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist, Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Cohen Pediatric Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY.Michael Grosso, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Chair, Pediatrics, Huntington Hospital, Northwell Health, Huntington, NYJournal nutrition,news release

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Adding juice to your baby’s diet may prepare you for obesity

Source link Adding juice to your baby’s diet may prepare you for obesity

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