Adam Toledo Shoots Renews Chicago Police Department Accountability Claims | Chicago

Chicago has repeatedly tackled police illegal activities, police-involved shootings, and fatal shootings at the age of 13. Adam Toledo The Chicago Police Department has renewed its demands for justice and accountability.

Eric Stillman, Chicago police officers shot and killed Adam on March 29, after police officers tracked their feet.Adam was with Ruben Roman when the shooting happened, 21 years old Who has been prosecuted since then In connection with that night, there were several felony charges, including reckless firing of firearms and danger to children.

Adam, who came from a predominantly Latino community in Little Village on the west side of the city, was in seventh grade. One of the youngest In recent years, he was killed by police in Illinois.

On Thursday, city officials Image of released body camera A shooting that appears to indicate that Stillman shot Adam when a teenager raised his hand into the air.

The reaction to the video happened instantly, from anger to sadness to deep frustration. Many were outraged that authorities first stated that Adam had a gun in his hand at the time of the shooting, Claims withdrawn later And the video proves that the footage is wrong. Hundreds of people participated in protests in the city, seeking transparency and accountability regarding the death of Adam and the deaths of many others.

Chicago has a long, terrible history of racist crackdowns and a surprising number of police-involved shootings. 2017, A bitter report from the US Department of Justice The Chicago Police Department routinely used excessive and unreasonable deadly forces and found that police officers were improperly trained with little surveillance.

The report came after Lacan McDonald’s murder Chicago Police officer Jason van Dyck caught the public’s attention in 2015. Rakuan was 17 years old and was away from the police when he was shot 16 times.

The then mayor, Rahm Emanuel, was widely criticized after trying to curb incident information and video footage prior to the 2015 reelection.Van Dyck ever since Sentenced 81 months in prison In jail for a second murder and a deteriorating battery with a gun.

Lori Lightfoot was celebrated nationally when she was elected under the current mayor The city’s first black man, openly gay mayor Police illegal activities and murders continue in 2019.

Lightfoot continues to announce plans to prioritize police reform and accountability. As part of her campaign, she cited increasing police accountability as one of her top priorities. However, critics point out that Lightfoot’s recurring promises have made little progress.

March 9, Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Timothy Hyatt / Rex / Shutterstock

In March, in addition to Adam’s death Anthony Alberes, 22, and Trabon ChadwellThe 18-year-old was also killed by the Chicago Police Department. Earlier, Lightfoot received widespread criticism for not handing over video footage of a failed police raid in 2019. Where the police illegally attacked the house Naked by Anjanet Young, she handcuffed while she was naked.

Members of the Chicago City Council Dissatisfied with the incompetence of Lightfoot Enact larger Chicago Police Department Civil Surveillance, The reform she campaigned for.

“This isn’t just a breach of promise … it’s an accomplice to police abuse of black and brown Chicago citizens. This is our mayor a police officer,” said the Chicago Alliance against racial discrimination and political oppression. Community organizer Jasmine Saras said. To Chicago Sun Times..

A recent report by an independent investigator appointed by the court found some very small signs of progress in that the city fulfilled more obligations than it had missed for the first time.

However, the percentage of commitments achieved is still summed up “failure” And Chicago missed an important goal in police reform, Goals set in the reform plan mandated by the federal court in connection with the findings of the 2017 report.

One of the most notable areas of failure, according to recent reports, is the inability of the Chicago Police Department to meaningfully cooperate with marginalized communities most vulnerable to racist crackdowns.

“Ultimately, when community members see and feel the reforms in their neighborhood, they see the reforms taking root,” independent monitor Maggie Hicky said in a statement in the report.

Meanwhile, more protests are planned for Friday and next week, depending on Adam’s death and the newly released video.Lightfoot and Toledo House I have asked people to maintain peace The tension in the city is increasing.

“Everyone is very angry,” Balthazar Enriquez, chairman of the Little Village Community Council, told The New York Times. “We don’t need angry officers. We need social workers.”

Adam Toledo Shoots Renews Chicago Police Department Accountability Claims | Chicago

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