“About Time”: The historical movement of cricket

The language of cricket is changing to make the sport more comprehensive.

Cricket lawmakers said today that the gender-neutral term “batter” is used instead of “batter” to reflect the growth of women’s games.

“MCC believes that cricket is a game for everyone, and this move recognizes the changing landscape of modern games,” said the Lord’s organization, which is considered the guardian of the laws of the game. Said Jamie Cox of the Marylebone Cricket Club.

The final legislative amendment in 2017 used the terms “batter” and “batter” after consulting with key figures in female cricket. The MCC said it needs immediate amendments as it “helps strengthen Cricket’s position as a comprehensive game for everyone.”

Maddy Green keeps bats at the third ODI between New Zealand and the United Kingdom.Photoport

“The changes announced today reflect the broader usage of the terms’batter’and’batter’ that occurred in the cricket circle during that time,” the club said. “The transition to’batter’is a natural process, in line with the requirements of bowlers and fielders who are already within the scope of the law.”

MCC said Australia defeated India in the T20 World Cup final in Melbourne in 2017 when the Women’s World Cup final between England and India was held in front of Rose’s capacity crowd. Pointed out. 2020.

Lancashire captain Alex Hartley wrote:

Cricket writer George Dobel posted:

Former Australian captain Lisa Starekar wrote:

The MCC does not mention other terms or positions in cricket that contain the word “man”, such as “nightwatch man” or “third man”.

“About Time”: The historical movement of cricket

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