A new initiative to study the coronavirus genome

Friday, May 1, 2020 (HealthDay News)-At least 75 US public health, academic, and commercial institutions will come together to study the new coronavirus genome, how it is spreading in the United States, and how it will spread. Accelerate research on the virus.To fight it, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Prevention To tell.

Small mutations accumulate in the virus’s genetic code as the virus replicates, and identifying those changes helps scientists track infection patterns and outbreaks. New York Times report.

Sharing of research on genetic changes in Virus Although useful in combating them, it has long been true that laboratories studying pathogen genomes often published only general information about them in scientific journals. In some states, patient privacy laws limit the information that scientists can disclose.

Without context, the sequence itself makes little sense. The goal of this CDC initiative is to standardize the information that accompanies each sequence, such as where and when the samples were taken.

These are important details for using the data, and it is hoped that sharing the results of genetic research on coronavirus will help scientists create. vaccine And treatment, Times report.

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A new initiative to study the coronavirus genome

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