A fresh twist for fans who caused the Tour de France horror crash

The spectators behind the largest heap in the history of the Tour de France appeared in court for injuring dozens of riders, but appeared to be trying to avoid prison after prosecutors demanded a suspended sentence.

A 31-year-old French woman who was unidentified after being targeted by a torrent of online abuse was her “stupid” for causing what was called “the worst crash I’ve ever seen.” I’ve already told the prosecutor that I’m ashamed. Famous race.

She wore a blue sweater and escaped from the journalist Scrum waiting in court in Brest, western France.

However, the presiding judge refused the lawyer’s request for a closed-door trial.

Although imprisonment was a realistic possibility, the prosecutor’s office demanded that she be sentenced to four months with a suspended sentence for endangering her life and injuring her unintentionally.

Bryan Coquard of France after the crash.Photo / Getty

Under French law, she could face fines of up to € 15,000 ($ AUD23,00) and one year’s imprisonment.

Prosecutor Soren Brian acknowledged that his actions were “how dangerous” and expressed regret.

The trial was postponed on December 9 due to a verdict.

A woman without a criminal record participated in the opening tour stage on June 26, with the aim of making the autograph stand out on the TV camera. The German word “Allez, Opi-Omi”, which means “grandpa and grandma,” is named after the German roots of her family.

However, she was on a narrow road to the finish in Landerneau, western France, so she stepped too far in front of the crammed protons.

German rider Tony Martin was inevitably hit by her and fell, causing dozens of riders to crash and other riders rushing into a crowd of spectators.

The video footage of the clash and the horrifying scenes of the doctor caring for the stunned or distorted victims, especially when the woman realized she had escaped from the scene instead of staying in help, fans. And caused anger among the race organizers.

She remained hidden for four days before leaving herself to the police. Several riders had to withdraw from the race, including Marc Soler of Spain, who had a broken arm.

However, female lawyer Julian Bradmets said his client “had a fragile personality for years.”

“This vulnerability is now ten times more vulnerable, so today my clients are surviving hell,” he said.

The trial began the same day the organizers announced the routes and stages of next year’s race. The race begins in Copenhagen and includes routes to Switzerland and Belgium.

The tour organizer, Amori Spor Organization (ASO), initially planned to file a lawsuit, but later said he “wants to calm things down” and did not become a plaintiff.

Tour director Christian Prudhomme showed a reconciliation stance on the case when he announced a new route in Paris.

“She did something nifty. She’s not a terrorist. We take care when people come on tour and remember they’re there to see the champion I don’t want to be on TV, “he told reporters.

However, the Swiss-based International Association of Riders (CPA) has maintained its complaint and is seeking iconic € 1 damages to send a message about the actions of dangerous fans during the stage. increase.

“The damage suffered by the rider is physical, moral and economic,” certified accountant President Gianni Bugno said in a statement Wednesday.

“Athletes prepare for months for an epic tour, and it’s unacceptable that all the hard work of his family, his staff and his team is instantly shattered by a popular quest.”

A fresh twist for fans who caused the Tour de France horror crash

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