A flood evacuation order was issued in northern New South Wales as the River Tweed broke the embankment | Australian Weather

Residents of Murwillumbah, a town in northern New South Wales, were ordered to evacuate after a few days of record heavy rains as the nearby Tweed River broke the embankment.

State emergency services have ordered departures via the Tweed Valleyway from Condon to Tambalgam and the surrounding area, fearing that floods could block important roads and isolate the town. ..

“If you stay in the area after this time, you may be trapped and NSWSES may be too dangerous to rescue you,” SES warned in a statement on Tuesday.

A SES spokesman said the area is considered a “high risk area” and currently about 1,000 properties are affected. Authorities warned that electricity, telephones, the Internet and water and sewage could be cut off, and people in these areas needed to closely monitor weather and road closures.

This was after the River Tweed ruptured a dike near Tambalgam on Tuesday, causing a small flood in the area. Northern New South Wales and parts of southeastern Queensland were hit by heavy rains, flash floods, and stormy weather over the weekend.

Situations in many areas have eased considerably overnight, but rainwater flowing into waterways can cause problems in the area for several days.

On the coast, lows near southeastern Queensland brought heavy rains and strong winds, combined with spring tides to wash away most of Byron Bay’s main beach on Monday.

Local business owner Ben Kirkwood said he “dodged bullets” after barely avoiding Byron Bay restaurants being swept into the Pacific Ocean.

Ben Kirkwood, at a beach cafe in Byron Bay, investigates erosion of the beach in front of his venue. Photo: Christine Trundorf / Included

His family and Fink’s family co-own a beach Byron Bay restaurant that was about to go down as a mountain swell crashed into the dunes beneath it early on Monday morning.

According to Kirkwood, the six-story sandbag wall that was installed in November held up, but the direction of the eastern swell also helped save the buildings in the town of northern New South Wales.

“The waves turned white across the bay, crashed into Belongil and the main beach, and a big wave struck the sandbags at the foot of the restaurant,” he said.

According to Kirkwood, the sandbags would have withstood a full stress test, without which the waves would have dug and washed away the sand under his restaurant and the adjacent caravan park.

On the Gold Coast, the meteorological system also caused extensive erosion, turning Currumbin’s surf clubs into islands.

A team of 300 SES workers from across the state was dispatched to support a team in northern New South Wales.

Mark Roche, deputy director of Queensland’s fire and emergency services, said his crew received about 1,400 requests for assistance, primarily roof leaks, tar and fallen trees. ..

The wind and heavy rain were expected to ease, but he was vigilant, alerting people to stay away from floods and urging them to turn back when they found roads and bridges flooded. ..

“As we say, if it gets flooded, forget it,” he told ABCTV.

This stormy weather marks the dramatic beginning of the La Nina forecast on the east coast of Australia, which is projected to bring about a rainy summer.

Dr. Naomi Wenger, a meteorological climatologist, states that the La Niña phenomenon will produce longer and more humid heat waves over the next few months.

“We know that we can get heat waves that can reduce the number of extremely hot days, but because the extra cloud cover provided by that humidity in the atmosphere traps heat near us. Heat waves can be longer and more humid … This kind of heat wave puts a little stress on the human body and needs to be done with caution, “she said.

A flood evacuation order was issued in northern New South Wales as the River Tweed broke the embankment | Australian Weather

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