A company that raised £ 1 million in 10 minutes

CIRCA5000 Crowdraises £ 3.9 million & start personal annuity. The company raised over £ 1m in 10 minutes.

£ 3.9 million crowdfunding campaign

CIRCA5000 (C5K), a popular impact investing app that changes traditional investment methods, has completed a £ 3.9 million crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube. This breaks the company’s goal of £ 1 million, which passed within 10 minutes of the launch of the campaign.

The latest round of funding with a total C5K funding of over £ 10.5m will take place when the company begins offering personal annuities. These allow customers to select investment targets from the available investment range of C5K selected to have a positive impact. They also allow people to integrate other pensions they may have into one holding.

Tom McGillycuddy, co-founder of C5K, said: Significant investment It is rising. The impact investing market increased 42.2% last year to $ 715 billion, and millennials could invest twice as much in social or environmental investment as any other generation. Generation Z also sees these areas as having the greatest investment potential.

“So, while our vision for the future of investment has resonated with many, we know that many have chosen to invest and join the journey with us. We are humble. This increase will allow us to expand our team, strengthen customer acquisition and introduce new products such as annuities to the CIRCA 5000. “

Management of pension system

C5Ks personal annuities mean investing only in businesses that help clients gain more control over where their money goes and build a better future. This not only means avoiding bad investments in humanity, but also investing in companies that are proactive in building a better future. Think clean energy, health, food, education, water and cybersecurity.

McGillycuddy said: “In general, pensions provide limited control over people’s investment and are not suitable for investors who want to build a better future for themselves and humanity. For example, the fossil fuel industry and carbon emissions. It may not be possible to stop investing in companies that do little or nothing to keep the volume down. We are changing that. “

A better future for yourself and humanity

The certified BCorp C5K was built by McGillycuddy and Matt Latham after working at Barclays and Wellington Management. Together, they set out to unravel the mystery of investment and show a new generation of investors that they can build wealth for themselves and at the same time secure a better future for humanity.

With C5K, instead of supporting bad assets and encouraging people to play trading platforms such as slot machines, they have universal attractions such as energy, water, food, health, education and cybersecurity. It makes it easier to invest in what you have in the long run. All that investment has the same goal: to help people and our planet prosper in the future.

With C5K, you can invest in companies with different themes, Planet, People, or a combination of the two themes. The team only offers investments in companies that create future-focused solutions. People at the forefront of global change.

Double carbon neutral

C5K doubled in 2020 Carbon neutral By offsetting twice the amount of carbon output before launching a carbon offset subscription for our customers, we empower people to empower the future of the planet.

The company is also working with to plant trees together for every referral that C5K receives from users to help restore the Indonesian rainforest.

“In our view, investment requires serious modifications. We are changing our perception of investment from being seen as the latest epidemic of activism to a clear common sense pursuit. Investing in what the future is grateful for, “concludes McGillycuddy.

A company that raised £ 1 million in 10 minutes

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