86 remains on GR roster, but no Morizo

Toyota NZ will say more about the coupe soon, but confirms that next year’s hardest version of the Corolla isn’t for us.

THE 86 sports coupe will remain in Toyota New Zealand’s portfolio, with more information coming in a few weeks.

Confirmation of the retention of the now 2.4-litre car came from the brand’s headquarters today, also saying that it already has a sample of the new-generation car – now called GR 86 – on local property for evaluation.

As well as being about to comment extensively on GR 86, TNZ has also again spoken about a new member of the Gazoo Racing family due to appear next year, the GR Corolla.

It says it has now placed production orders with Toyota Japan for the 226 kW hot hatch and says customers can now register interest at Toyota Stores to be placed on a waiting list.

While the New Zealand spec is yet to be shared, the Palmerston North-based operation says it won’t expand to a hardcore two-seat version, the Morizo ​​Edition, a spokeswoman told a spokesperson: “We don’t plan to make the Morizo ​​Edition available.” for the New Zealand market at the moment.”

Named after the racing pseudonym of Akio Toyoda, the former Toyota president, the Morizo ​​is – as the patent from today’s video shows – even more focused on track use than the regular GR Corolla.

It is 30kg lighter, mainly thanks to the loss of the rear seats, and has a large structural brace and 3.3m of additional structural adhesive to further improve body rigidity, plus new shock absorbers and special Michelin tires.

The turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine (closely related to that of the GR Yaris) received an additional 30 Nm of torque for a total of 370 Nm, and the gearing of the six-speed manual transmission was revised. There is only one color – Metallic Matte Gray – a special interior trim and it has ‘Morizo’s’ signature etched on the windshield.

Announced in Japan a year ago, the GR 86 will replace the original 86 which, although a modest sales rep, has been a high-profile car for Toyota locally, as the basis of a racing series that will continue to use the outgoing TR86 for at least another year’s model.

Toyota’s new version follows in the tire tracks of the second generation BRZ, which here is not a starter, but with slightly stronger outputs from the direct injection engine. 7000 rpm and a peak torque of 250 Nm, coming in at 7400 rpm. That is 3 kW and 1 Nm more than Subaru quotes.

Either way, it’s still a healthy increase over the 2.0-litre car’s peak horsepower – Subaru quotes 11 percent more power and 15 percent more torque – and it shows in the 0-100kph time of 6.3 seconds, of course claimed for the manual . The previous model shipped in 7.4s.

The unit continues to run through six-speed transmissions, the car now sports a sport function and sends oomph through the rear wheels, while the vehicle stability control system now offers five settings to alter the degree of slip-tastic fun.

The Macpherson strut front suspension and the double wishbone rear suspension are also carried over and while the chassis is believed to be an improved version of the current cars, the two generations are only identical at 1775mm wide.

At 4265mm long, 1310mm high and 2572mm wheelbase, the GR 86 is 25mm longer, 13mm lower and 6mm longer in wheelbase than its predecessor.

Toyota has quoted a curb weight of 1270kg (for the manual) and recalls, like Subaru, that the car’s roof is now aluminum to lower the center of gravity. Aluminum front wings, redesigned front seats and mufflers contribute to lower weight.

Body stiffness has been improved, with the aim of providing a pleasant ride in all speed ranges, from urban traffic to the highest performance limits, says the maker. Torsional rigidity has been improved by about 50 percent over the previous model for greater steering stability.

The cab design is all about ensuring that the operator can concentrate on driving. There’s a new 7-inch screen whose opening animation is “inspired by the piston movements of the horizontally opposed engine, promoting a sense of excitement even before the ride begins.”

The GR86 automatic alone appears to be picking up Subaru’s Eyesight driver assist technology, including pre-collision safety technologies that help prevent or mitigate collisions.

The GR 86 is attracting international attention as it will remain in production for the European markets for only two years; further, it violates impending safety regulations for that part of the world.

The future of Gazoo Racing has also been spotlighted as to how it will fulfill Toyota’s pledge to launch 30 new EVs by 2030.

There is speculation that two famous sports cars of the past, the Toyota MR2 and Lexus LFA, could reappear in all-electric formats, possibly powered by the solid-state batteries Toyota is trying to bring into production models. Thanks to their increased power density, they are both lighter and more efficient than the conventional lithium-ion batteries in most EVs on the market today.

MR2 translates as ‘mid-engined two-seater runabout’. Until now, the E-TNGA platform has only been used for front- and rear-wheel drive cars, but mid-engine EVs are technically possible.



86 remains on GR roster, but no Morizo

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