500 founders: Matt Miller, Ani Tawhiao-Lomas, Rob Stirling & Samantha Gadd

Would you like to print out the best start -up advice from the professionals out there working? Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask newcomers from New Zealand for their top knowledge of first -time founders.

Matt Miller – Founder


“My best advice for founders is to remember that they can’t just do it.

As a business, you have fun building a better product with a larger team. You can build everything, but it’s much better and better if you’re the crazy person in the room sometimes. I am always impressed with what our team does, and this is what motivates me to be better at what I am good at. When you first started, you didn’t know what you didn’t know. I learned that I can’t be good at everything, and that I’m better that way. The faster you work with good people, the faster you will find success.

I’m taking a step back, I think surrounding yourself with good people is better than everyday product and business. Getting started is a rollercoaster – the mind, the money, the body. We are all real people. And if we have the power to focus on our goals, we are not robots. We needed somewhere to rely on the dark valleys on our journey, as well as someone to share the high peaks. A strong support network of friends, family and good friends is just as important as working on your journey to start in one piece. And don’t forget it’s not a one -way street. Yes, it may be hard to start, but the path your loved one has chosen is difficult and they need you sometimes. So relax your pitch and give a ear!

500 founders

Ani Tawhiao-Lomas-Cofounder

ʻO Yawye

The advice I would give to others who are just starting their business journey is just beginning!

We will not learn, grow and move forward if we stay calm. Time is moving, and we need to move with it. The slightest step in choosing something from your to -do list is a small step towards the ultimate goal. This can include routines from responding to emails or phone calls, to more important things like filling out the pitch form needed next week, to preparing for assignments. Advance knowledge of the internet business. It’s important to break down goals and go through each step, and it can be stressful to look back and compare where you are. That’s what I tell my youth.

As someone who has a lot of thoughts to sit free in my head, taking up space and spending most of my time, nothing happened until I took the leap and started I will stop those thoughts because what has not been started is not over. . This is where I can look at the end goal and start planning how I can get there, which is important in taking care of myself, and doing the work in planning, start and grow my brand. Instead, I want to leave you with a saying that Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way,’ and that’s true. !

500 founders

Rob Stirling – Cofounder

It can be viewed

“Fill out a“ customer relationship ”model, select one customer to sell to in the first place.

This will open up all your online conversations, your sales volume, your pricing, your construction roadmap, and your specification.

After creating all the images and text for our website, I wish I had started with our relevant customer and pricing page of our website.

If you address these issues beforehand, your business history will be easier for customers and publishers.

500 founders

Samantha Gadd – Founder

EX Training School

“The best piece of advice I give beginners is to trust your instincts.

Decision making is a part of every day and as a beginner these decisions can be the difference between your career succeeding or failing. Sometimes, we have people around us offering insights, ideas and advice and while many people can have the best opinion, it’s important to remember that no one knows. more in your profession than you, and often your thoughts will direct you. in the right direction.

I have had times on my business trip where I have sought other places to solve a problem. Gathering information from those around you is an important part of the process, but last but not least, there is nothing better than the information you have in your own organization, the information that you get it from every other decision you’ve made along the way, and the hard work you’ve put in. inside. Rely on your instincts to make great calls, learn every now and then and remember every win or fall is only temporary. Relying on your instincts and knowing the highs and lows that come and go is essential to surviving in the world of business. Seeing this will support your determination to run!

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500 founders: Matt Miller, Ani Tawhiao-Lomas, Rob Stirling & Samantha Gadd

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