50% of UK consumers spend more to support hospitality

Half of UK consumers will spend more to help their talents recover.

Willingness to support hospitality

Forty-eight percent of UK consumers spend more on the hospitality experience when things return to “normal” if they help the business recover. 41% know who was affected. Recent losses in the hospitality industryAccording to a recent study commissioned by, ePOS hybrid..

In the same survey from startups disrupting the industry with market-leading point-of-sale technology, 45% of consumers are committed to helping local independence in the hospitality sector, through blockades to ensure. It turns out that they keep ordering from them, they survive. In addition, 43% admit that they have supported independent companies rather than chains during the pandemic. Forty-four percent say they want to help as much as they can because of their increased loyalty to the hospitality business they visit on a regular basis.

Roadmap to recovery

All eyes are looking at the industry to see how it will recover as a result of COVID-19 as the UK breaks out of the blockade and advances its roadmap. Consumer behavior is essential to helping businesses recover, as many pubs, bars and restaurants have been forced to close for long periods of time over the last 12 months.

“There is no doubt that the last few months have been a difficult time for businesses, but it’s very encouraging to see consumers’ willingness to help rebuild the sector through continued support and increased spending. This is essential for the industry to fully recover.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a number of exciting advances in technology that help sectors adapt to new government-imposed rules. As the industry prepares to reopen, new technologies continue. We look forward to being hired to streamline operations and thus improve profitability, which is essential for post-pandemic recovery, ”said Andrew Gibbon, Head of Growth. ePOS hybrid.

Changes in revenue sources

Many small businesses have introduced new Takeaway and delivery service It brought a new source of income during the blockade. Consumers use bars and restaurants throughout the UK to create their favorite dining experience at home. This has been a huge success for many companies that did not offer these services before the pandemic.

ePOS Hybrid was one of the first companies to launch contactless table orders in the UK, providing support to hundreds of companies across the pandemic and trying to shift its business model from meals to online orders and takeaways. did.

“It’s great to see consumers looking to more independents in the sector and really embracing the opportunity for SMEs to offer new services. The hospitality sector is very resilient and it’s great to see. Consumer support and new technologies have allowed operators to leverage new sources of revenue and improve the overall level of service, and there is no doubt that they will recover quickly, “Concludes Andrew. I am.

50% of UK consumers spend more to support hospitality

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