5 Diet Minefields to Avoid

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Julie Davis
Health Day Reporter

Monday, November 6, 2017 (HealthDay News)-The all-you-can-eat buffet is known as a diet disaster, but it’s far from the only minefield you can face.

Plan ahead to avoid these five high calorie situations.

The first is the office birthday party. If you have a sticky cake every month, suggest a fruit bouquet or bring your own potion control treat instead. According to Georgetown University wellness experts, another option is to eat in advance so that you don’t get greedy.

The second is a carry-on dinner with a high carb option. Volunteers bring vegetable-based soups, salads and fruits. Resist the urge to sample everything. If you are advised to overeat, explain that you are looking at calories. And don’t forget that the calories of alcoholic beverages (even simple red wine) are counted and added immediately.

Next are street fairs and country fairs. Healthy options such as fried bread, hot dogs, and cotton candy are rare. When you’re full, bring a light meal in case of a hunger strike. Practice partial control when you indulge. Share one serving with your friends.

The fourth is a mall with calorie treats, from oversized cinnamon rolls to huge ice cream mixes. If you are there at meal time, eat at the salad bar.

Finally, whether you’re watching a game at a friend’s house or sports bar, or going to a movie with a gangster, screen time can lead to unconscious munching. Plan your meal before you go to the restaurant. When you get there, look up the menu online to reduce temptation. Before you go to the cinema, make your own popcorn, put it in a bag, and pass the candy counter.

Temptation can be lurking in every corner. Arming with a plan will help you repel it.

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5 Diet Minefields to Avoid

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