Less than 1 in 10 vacationers trust reviews on the property provider’s website.


High reading rate, low confidence in reviews


According to a new survey, more than one-third (38%) of people are always Read reviews Before booking holidays, they are less trusted, only 8% trust reviews on accommodation provider websites, and only 8% trust reviews on third-party booking sites. 16%.


According to a survey of 2,000 consumers in the UK by Hop Software, good customer service and good communication are the main reasons for leaving positive reviews, and half of people encourage this to write good reviews. It states that.


Immediately behind was a great location (41%) and a personal touch, with more than a third (38%) having small extras such as hampers and local maps writing kind words about the provider. Said to encourage.


The root of bad reviews


Conversely, there were several reasons for vacationers to leave bad reviews after their stay. Almost half (45%) said poor customer service was the number one reason to leave negative reviews, and another 40% said accommodation as described would influence their decisions. An additional third (33%) were worried about dinner and leisure, saying that bad food at hotel restaurants and bars would consider leaving bad reviews online.


Check demographics


The survey reveals differences in demographics, with 54-54 years most likely to read reviews before booking (45%), older people more likely to worry about fake reviews online, 55 years One in five of the above states this. Only 7% of people aged 25-34. The survey also found that women were much more likely (45%) to read reviews than men (30%) before booking.


Regarding the findings, Hop COO Richard Dramondo said:Good customer service It was always important. It’s clear that simple fixes and a small personal touch are the best way to make sure guests are talking positively about their stay. But while customers still rely heavily on reviews, it’s very shocking to say that most vacationers don’t trust reviews. Therefore, hoteliers and accommodation providers need to not only continue to strive to receive great reviews from their guests, but also build trust in these reviews. For example, the way reviews and introductory texts appear on websites can have a significant impact on consumer confidence. Video and image-driven introductory texts tend to work very well because customers can turn to their names. “

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