3 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms 

To begin your Cryptocurrency trading career, you need to choose a trading platform first. This crucial step can either make or break your career, so it’s important to choose the right one that aligns with your needs and goals. When selecting a platform, there are several essential factors that you should consider – trading charges, features, security and available cryptocurrencies.

With the number of Cryptocurrency platforms in the market, it can be confusing which one to choose. Keep in mind the things to look for in a Cryptocurrency exchange to start your career on the right path. 

To give you an idea, check out these three Cryptocurrency trading platforms that you should consider in the early stages of your career.

  1. Binance US

Binance US takes the rank one spot with a 4.9-star rating based on its benefits and conditions. This platform offers about 50 different Cryptocurrencies that are available for buying, selling or trading. In addition, Binance US boasts a minimal spot and general trading expenses, a high-security rating, several Cryptocurrencies to trade, and positive customer feedback. 

Binance US is a simple, form-based platform that is created for transactions under $10,000 that allow traders to buy, sell, trade or convert their cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, advanced users can use a variety of trading order types like limit, market, and stop-limit. They also have the freedom to use the two powerful trading dashboards of the platform that provides important data like spot price and 24-hour highs lows, and trading volume. 

Unfortunately, Binance US’ training tools are not of the highest quality as compared to Binance’s Binance Academy. However, this did not stop millions of traders and investors from using the platform for their Cryptocurrency transactions and needs.  

  1. Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is the perfect choice for traders who cannot wait for slow trading programs or applications to load. This platform displays quick trade completion technology that has shown to be seconds faster than other platforms. This exchange’s system keeps track of all patterns that emerge most of the time and ensures that they stay on track when handling different tasks. 

Bitcoin Profit has a unique system that assists its traders in maximizing their profits from the Bitcoin market. The system studies the market in real-time through an artificial intelligence-based algorithm and hunts for the best profit opportunities based on many factors such as volume fluctuations and historical data. The Artificial Intelligence incorporated in the system studies the market movements and confirms some triggers that affect how transactions get carried out. 

Another benefit of Bitcoin Profit is the system automatically modifies any trading parameters that users specify. These guidelines include high and low totals, including currencies that you prefer. This platform can be activated anytime by traders and scans the Cryptocurrency market for the best trades. The payout system checks the users’ profits automatically which means they can either take the whole profit or reinvest them in the market.

  1. Gemini

Gemini is great for newbie investors who want to test Crypto waters due to its easy use the feature and simple user interface that comes at a higher cost and often perplexing pricing structure that may be acceptable while still learning how the world of Cryptocurrency trading works before moving to lower-cost spot trading choices. 

This platform’s maker fee for its active traders is at 0.25 per cent, while the taker cost is at 0.35 per cent. In addition, Gemini’s application and web trades have a transaction fee based on the traders’ purchase amount and charge a 0.5 per cent convenience fee.

Gemini has an ActiveTrader function feature, which provides expert-level experience for experienced traders. Additional features this platform offers include auctions, block trading, charting, and different order types. The trades then get executed in microseconds via ActiveTrader and breakthrough speed barriers without sacrificing reliability or security. 

Cryptocurrency has been helping people achieve their Cryptocurrency goals throughout the years. Since the development of Bitcoin, several other cryptos are gradually making a name in the market. Due to this, millions of individuals and firms also started engaging in Cryptocurrency transactions – you might want to check out this list of Cryptocurrency millionaires – who started at the bottom just like you, but with the right tools and proper knowledge, also made an impact on the world of Cryptocurrency.


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