2022 RS3: The last best case?

More power and trick differentials enliven the last varieties of special 5-cylinders.

Knowing that full reliance on fossil fuels will be the last of its powerful mite varieties could further take advantage of the special status of the new RS3, which will arrive early next year.

This is the view proposed by the brand’s national distributors, who said they are now hoping that nearly 300kW cars will achieve a vigorous business, despite being an apparently selected option. I am.

New Zealand is the world’s number one market for Audi RS products on a per capita basis and is reminiscent of Dean Sheed, general manager of Audi NZ.

“Kiwi has shown great attachment to its ease of use and outstanding performance.

“The 3rd generation RS3 Sportback will be the most complete version of this model. I’m sure Kiwi performance enthusiasts are looking forward to it.”

As the previous RS3 left the scene last year, the fan base also had to be patient, and the problem of engine shortages was affecting supply.

This comment on a model whose specifications have not yet been published at a local price (previously about $ 108,000) is due to the manufacturer’s domestic distributor launching several lesser versions locally from the same family of A3 and S3.

These editions, like the RS3, are set to be electrified to some extent in hybrid systems, or even fully committed electricity, by the end of the decade.

The exact plan has not yet been revealed, but Audi has revealed that it is currently summarizing the ongoing development of gasoline and diesel powertrains in an orthodox state, and decided to drive with increased battery assist. Is also working.


The company will launch the last combustion engine car within four years and plans to build the last car by 2032. From now on, we can expect that most of the model introductions will be intensively electric flavors.

This is a historic transition and reflects how the RS3 was developed. As a farewell shot to pure internal combustion, fire in all barrels, then in some barrels.

Not surprisingly, it’s primarily about pure firepower, but it’s not the only one. This car also offers other enhancements, especially in Pucca Drift mode. Yes, from Quattro. It takes talent.

But first and foremost, it’s about raw growls. This is a highly acclaimed, fully branded, turbocharged 2.5 liter 5-cylinder swan song that has been in use since 2011 and has been incorporated into the previous two versions of this hatchback. Yes, there are sedans, but they are currently being ignored by Audi. NZ-Plus Other Hot Shots Auditis.

Compared to the previous RS3, the new version develops 294W from 5600 to 7000rpm. The torque increases from 20Nm to 500Nm. Therefore, the most powerful version of this unit fits Audi’s production model.

If you go up from 0 to 100kmh in 3.8 seconds, another supercar slayer will be born. Unless the optional RS Dynamic Package is included, the top speed is limited to 250kmh and then climbs to 290kmh.

Power channel via 7-speed direct shift transmission with various modes including full manual. There are as many modes of operation as forward gears, including comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency, RS individual, RS performance, and RS torque rear.

The fun begins with RS Individual. RS Individual can store the amount of aggression of adaptive dampers, steering maneuvers, transmission programming, engine sound, and torque vectoring rear differentials. RS mode also dials back stability control, but you can disable it altogether.

why? Thank you. Like the latest and still-hit New Zealand Volkswagen Golf R, the RS3 has an active rear differential instead of the regular A3 Haldex clutch pack.


Torque distribution management is not limited to front and rear axles. The multi-plate clutch changes the torque applied to the left and right rear wheels. Depending on the driving dynamics mode, up to 50% of engine torque can be applied to each rear wheel individually.

Instead of braking the inner wheels at the corners to create yaws and helping the car around the corners, as Audi explains, the differential allows the rear end to rotate with power towards the outer wheels. I will help. This will radically change the driving characteristics. Of course, all-wheel drive vehicles usually understeer at the limits. In its most aggressive setting, the RS3 behaves like a tail-happy rear-wheel drive vehicle, the brand suggests. Yes, we want to try this …

Of course, the refit is a little restyle. Of course, the whole car is wider and has more hips than the donor, and the front end is the most menacing in the family. Partially widened his nose and encountered a special honeycomb grill.

It also features matrix LED headlights, each LED segment providing a vaguely cheesy party trick by displaying a checkered flag motif when the car is moving. When you unlock or lock the car, one side circulates the car letters. The spelling of “RS3”.

Sporthatch provides a relatively discreet roof spoiler, and both cars get a new rear bumper with large oval exhaust on both sides.

Regular RS transformations are applied to interiors such as leather-trimmed sports seats, flat-bottomed steering wheels, and gear change paddles.

The design and layout of the “virtual cockpit” digital instrumentation has been revamped specifically for this type. In addition to more suitable readings for driving on the racetrack, there are several different ways to visualize rising revs, including the new “RS Runway” style. The optional RS design package brings an eye-catching red or green accent throughout.

As you approach the digital rev limiter, the digital tachometer will change color and flash to let the driver know that it is time to change.







2022 RS3: The last best case?

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