2022 Gen Z Insight

  • While 28% were most concerned about their finances, only 5% reported that they were concerned about the environment and climate change.
  • While 34% value happiness and 25% balance their work lives, only 11% report that their top priority at work is revenue.
  • 66% plan to have children in later years, but 80% have the ambition to have a pet

Latest research from Imagen InsightsThe ‘2022 cruelly honest Gen Z report shows: Gen Z Is an eternally evolving demographic with discoveries from our research that emphasizes statistics that go against common beliefs about this age group.

A survey of 250 representative respondents aged 16-26 across the UK examined five different topics that affect Gen Z. Surprisingly, it turns out that members of this population are more interested in finance than climate change and are keen on being happy with their health. A balance between work and life rather than making a lot of money.

Gen Z’s general outlook for the next year

actively, Pandemic in progressMore than two-thirds, 68%, have an optimistic outlook for the year ahead, but only 13% have reported that they are not optimistic. However, while not all are positive, there are some high-scoring factors that Gen Z is concerned about. More than a quarter, 28% are concerned about their financial situation, and nearly one-fifth, 19% are concerned about education a year ahead. In contrast to most of the articles published on Gen Z, only 5% reported concerns about the environment and climate change as their top priorities.

Gen Z on media use and advertising

Surprisingly, given the many reports of Gen Z behavior and consumer power, it doesn’t seem to be accurately represented by the media. Three-fifths and 60% of the community report that they feel that demographics are not accurately represented. When asked about media consumption, more than half, 52%, saw the news and reported that they were more interested in the current affair than in the previous year. As expected, the most trusted mediums in 2022 are experts and scientists with only 7% confidence. Social media Most respondents report that they would like to reduce their usage in 2022.

Gen Z on work and study

The general outlook for work and study is that more than four-fifths, 83% are promising and are confident that they will find employment or continue studying in 2022. However, the ambition to work in one sector seems to be out of the window. Over the next decade, Gen Z wants to work in multiple careers, nearly two-thirds, with 64% reporting this. When asked what they value most in the workplace, 34% of happiness, 25% of work-life balance are the trump cards, and only 11% report that they are their top priority at work.

Almost half, 45%, of entrepreneurship Start your own business Next 5 years. And while the way they get to work is changing, driving is declining, and only 18% report driving, the majority commute by public transport.

Gen Z on finances and spending

Buy now and pay after The scheme is at the forefront of many controversies and is widely used by Gen Z cohorts, but lacks confidence in the scheme as half of the respondents, 50%, are not confident in using the service. .. Subscription packages are still popular with Gen Z, with nearly two-thirds, 62% claiming to have three or more subscriptions by the end of 2022.

Cryptocurrency, the current financial buzzword, is familiar with Gen Z cohorts, with more than half 54% investing this way this year, 72% more likely to invest than women. It’s 46%. When it comes to financial advice, over 52% ask family and friends for money advice, but only 4% ask banks. Regarding banking, Generation Z asked banking providers for app ease of use (34%) and Internet banking (30%). Only 4% thought they could visit a physical bank as a priority.

It’s similar to MillennialsGeneration Z is keen to return to these, as the pandemic has stopped traveling and events. More than one-third, 34%, reported spending money on travel and vacations this year, and 28% said they would like to spend money on experiences and events. On the other side of the scale, only 12% said they wanted to spend money on fashion and belongings, and less than 1 in 10 8% wanted to spend money on technology.

Gen Z about sex, relationships and life

While society seems to have come a long way in terms of openness, Gen Z still reports that sex and relationships are the subject of taboos, more than a quarter, 29%. However, they did not agree that they were open enough on these topics. It is still seen as a taboo. Regarding Gen Z’s desire to change in this regard, there was much reaction to teaching more about consent and making sex education more comprehensive for everyone, not just men and women.

Generation Z is considered a digital native, but when it comes to dating, they seem to be more cautious about the evolution of modern methods such as dating apps. Over 55% of the Imagen Insights community surveyed report that they want to meet someone through their social media rather than dating apps like Tinder and Hinge.

The desire for traditional life still seems to be widespread, with 75% wanting to get married in the future and two-thirds, 66% wanting to have children in later years. However, prior to this, Gen Z wants to be a pet owner, with 8 out of 10 reporting that 80% want to have a pet.

Jay Richards And Cat Agostinho are co-founders Imagen Insights:

“From this report, 2022 is projected to be the year of Gen Z’reframing’. Like everyone else, they have lived in an era of pandemics, uncertainty and change. Reaffirm this impact across all topics, including work, relationships, finance, and their general outlook. While they are generally optimistic and expecting opportunities, Gen Z wants to move things carefully, consider priorities, restructure perspectives, and reassess what they want in life. I am. They want to be better considered by society-what we believe will only evolve a year ahead. “

2022 Gen Z Insight

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