10 simple questions: how much do you know about the Olympics? | Sports

TA special time for hats has come again: Olympic time. It’s like Christmas, but it’s more expensive, even if it’s sliced ​​proportionally every four years. Speaking of slice-ups, does anyone feel that IOC boss Thomas Bach will be Bond’s villain? The Tokyo Games are held with five modern pentathlons held over the head of the city, so when I heard Brisbane’s name announced in 2032, it sounded like a death sentence rather than a congratulatory message. ..Ann Olympic competition The venue can cost billions of dollars, but the IOC always makes a lot of money. Maybe that’s why the term is “host city”.

But running! Jumping! Pretend to be familiar with taekwondo and solo kayaking and compete! Ben Johnson is moving faster than the speed of sound! Or it was the sound of speed! Equestrian show jumping departure party with all trimmings! Exciting new youth sports such as mountaineering and skateboarding! The Olympics are hip and cool. There is a battery-powered radio cassette player on the shoulder.

Recall the 5-ring trivia quiz and see how well it conveys the spirit of the Olympus mountain gods.

1.1.What device was used to illuminate Barcelona’s cauldron with an aerial fire in 1992?

2.2.At the Sydney 2000 show, The Dream, Roy and HG recast the three mascots Sid, Ollie, and:

3.3.How fast was Ben Johnson’s disqualification world record in the 100-meter final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics?

4.4.Which fruit-based promotional campaign did The Oarsome Foresome sign after the 1992 and 1996 gold medals?

5.5.Did US gymnast Simone Biles win gold medals in three areas at the 2016 Rio Olympics?

6.6.In Athens in 1896, Australia’s only representative, Edwin Flack, collapsed while leading the marathon chasing the third gold medal. Whimsical flacks when the Greek audience helped:

7.In which Sydney swimming event did Eric’Zaire’Moussambani compete?

8.8.In Tokyo in 1964, swimmer Dawn Fraser landed in hot water after stealing Emperor Showa.

9.9.What prevented Usain Bolt’s 100-meter gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

10.10.Which of the following did Bruce Maca Bunny not say when she won the Cathy Freeman 400-meter gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

10 simple questions: how much do you know about the Olympics? | Sports

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